Caring Our Community

HKU is committed to creating mutual benefits to improve our community and we need your support and understanding. The project team engaged with various stakeholders during the planning phase to address issues such as environmental impact, visual impact and ventilation in the design. With the Pokfield Campus, members of the public will enjoy better access and an enhanced environment. We will continue to closely communicate with the community to facilitate understanding of the Pokfield Campus Development.

Minimising Impact on the Neighbourhood

  • building Buildings heights will not exceed the surrounding neighbourhood and maintain necessary distance
  • leaves Building alignment and orientation are designed to maintain ventilation and minimise excavation works
  • engineer On-site mitigation & monitoring: noise barriers, handheld demolition tools, and scaffolding wrapping for dust control
  • crane1 Adopting construction methods for speed and lower disturbance (Modular Integrated Construction (MiC))
  • caution COVID-19 infection control measures at the construction site will be enforced

Alleviating Congestion and Enhancing Connectivity

  • Better connectivity between Centennial Campus, Pokfield Campus and Kennedy Town
  • Enhance pedestrian access facilities connecting HKU campus
  • Vehicle drop-off points inside the complex via access from Pokfield Road and Pokfulam Road
  • Covered walkway and temporary traffic arrangements for safety during construction

Respecting the Nature

  • Communal green space and roof terraces
  • Rainwater collection and recycling
  • Renewable energy for efficiency

Community Outreach

The project team will inform the public through various channels. Throughout the project, we will work in close collaboration with all stakeholders including District Council, residents and other concerned parties.