The overall design concept “Link Valley” will manifest the four themes of Learn, Work, Play and Live to create a vibrant community at the Pokfield Campus. We aspire to nurture a university community where people connect and collaborate across disciplines to benefit society. It will be a place that fosters the integration of deep scholarly expertise with academic advancement, technology advancement and environmental sustainability.

The flagship academic complex of the HKU Business School will provide sufficient teaching, research and communal space to nurture the ambience of openness, energy and connectivity for a global business school that encourages innovation, collaboration and outreach. The new campus aims to enhance community engagement, interactions and homecoming for HKU alumni, and offer new facilities to encourage collaboration with external professionals.

Key Features

Better Walking Experience: Community Gateway

As part of HKU’s overall development plan, a footbridge will connect the Pokfield Campus with the Centennial Campus to provide an alternative walking route to the HKU Main Campus.

Creating Quality Green Environment

The Pokfield Campus will take the development opportunity to improve some of the existing slopes in the vicinity, adopt vertical greenery, and provide green roof and landscape terraces.

Sustainable, Healthy and Smart Buildings

The Pokfield Campus will adopt an integrated green design and innovative technologies for smart monitoring and building management. Our goal is to achieve the international standard of healthy buildings.

Conceptual Designs