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The project of Pokfield Campus aims to redevelop the current site into a new landmark campus hub for providing state-of-the-art academic buildings, a university guest house, a premium residential complex as well as upgraded and expanded sports facilities. 

The new campus can bring the University to forge ahead to the 21st Century’s tertiary institution in Hong Kong with international space norms for teaching, research and other academic activities. It will help the HKU Business School to become a leading business school in the world.

Vision and Mission

  • To create a new iconic campus hub for next decades with state-of-the-art academic, cultural, and sports facilities
  • To house HKU Business School as she aspires to be a world-class business school
  • To provide premium residential accommodation for scholars and guests to boost HKU’s competitiveness and international image
  • As a landmark on Pokfulam Road connecting the Centennial Campus and the Medical Campus

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Development Plan

The new Pokfield Complex will be a multi-faceted and functionally cohesive academic-residential-culture and sports complex comprising five buildings and open spaces.

The new home for the HKU Business School will provide sufficient research and communal space to nurture an ambience of openness, energy and connectivity for a global business school that emphasizes collaboration and outreach.

The staff quarters that are planned for young academic staff is a strategic investment to enhance the competitiveness of the University in attracting top talents to live and work in Hong Kong. The premium guest house will significantly improve the University's capacity to support intellectual exchanges with scholars and leaders around the world.

The new hub aims to provide a conducive environment for students, academia, international scholars and alumni to congregate. It will provide a technology-rich and modern space-sharing Learning Commons to encourage interaction, incubation of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. There will also be ample teaching and learning spaces equipped with innovative IT technology to facilitate top-notch learning and an innovative environment for HKU students to connect with industry in the city and beyond. 

The existing sports facilities will be upgraded and expanded, and it will be integrated across the complex. An ultramodern sports complex nearly double in size with an indoor swimming pool, a running track and other facilities has been planned for our HKU community and visitors.

Current Site

Development Phases

(in Construction Floor Area)

Project Group

The project group for the Pokfield Campus is to guide and monitor the overall development of the project, including the scope, time and cost of the project, and engagement of consultants, specialists and contractors about this project.

The members of the project group are listed as follows:


The Chairman appointed by the Accommodation Committee


Dean of HKU Business School and his/her representative(s)

An External Member

Director of Centre for Sports and Exercise

Dean of Student Affairs

Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Office

Lead Consultant

P&T Architects and Engineers Limited (P &T) and WilkinsonEyre have been awarded the lead architectural consultancy for the redevelopment of the current Pokfield Road Site into a new landmark campus hub.

Organisational Chart